White Laundry Sink Options For the Australian Home

White Laundry Sinks are a great way to add style and sophistication to your laundry room. They come in many different styles, shapes and materials that can fit almost any budget. From the classic stainless steel sink to newer, more innovative options such as Lucite Crosslinked Acrylic and White Quartz sinks, there is sure to be an option perfect for you!

Fireclay White Laundry Sinks

White Laundry Sinks Fireclay
White Laundry Sinks Fireclay material

When looking for a white laundry sink in Australia, one of the most popular choices is a Fireclay White Sink. Fireclay is made from natural fireclay, which makes it strong and durable. This is the only fired material used for deep sinks that need to be square in shape. Unlike Vitreous China where it shrinks by up to 20% when fired can make a deep square sink impossible to produce. The fireclay sink  has a beautiful glossy white finish that looks stunning in any bathroom or laundry room setting. A fireclay white sink is an expensive option but it will last for many years with proper care. Unfortunately, these sinks can easily be damaged by impact and once scratched cannot be repaired so care should be taken when using them, which poses a risk to many Australian home owners.

The type of white laundry sink has been the most popular up until recently due to the only white laundry sink that was available on the market. With new technologies in alternative materials such as Lucite Crosslinked Acrylic with a lower price point than fireclay sinks, fireclay sinks are losing their market dominance for white laundry sinks due to their disadvantages highlighted above

Vitreous China Ceramic White Laundry Sinks

White Laundry Sinks Ceramic

Another popular option for white laundry sinks in Australia is Ceramic White Sinks. Unlike Fireclay, ceramic is made from porcelain which gives it greater strength and durability than its fireclay counterpart. They are available in a variety of designs and have a low-gloss finish that adds subtle elegance to any laundry space. However, like Fireclay they too can easily be damaged by impact with scratches not being able to be repaired so extra care should be taken when using these types of sinks as well. There are limited styles available and sizes due to being manufactured from Vitreous China.

If square design is what you like, generally square Vitreous China, Ceramic White Laundry Sinks are usually not deep enough, therefore curved designs are most suitable due to the design is easier to manufacture. Some Ceramic white laundry sinks have overflow built into the bowl 

Lucite Crosslinked Acrylic White Laundry Sinks

White Laundry Sinks Large
White Laundry Sink Lucite Crosslinked Acrylic

One of the newest innovations in the  laundry sink market when it comes to white laundry sinks is Lucite Crosslinked Acrylic Sinks. This type of sink offers all the advantages of traditional fireclay or ceramic while being less prone to cracking from impact due to its unique design structure. Lucite Crosslinked Acrylic also offers an advantage over other materials as scratches can actually be removed with wet sandpaper making it easier to maintain over time. In addition, this type of sink is much more resistant to chemical attack than other types of material so you won’t have to worry about your sink becoming stained or corroded from harsh cleaning chemicals over time. 

Lucite Crosslinked Acrylic sinks are the perfect choice for laundry spaces due to their superior strength and durability. This material is composed of tightly cross-linked acrylic molecules, making it more resistant to physical damage, chemicals, and UV exposure than other materials. 

One major benefit of using Lucite Crosslinked Acrylic sinks in the laundry space is that they are some of the most long-lasting sinks on the market. With proper care, these sinks can last up to 10 years or longer without needing replacement – far longer than many other types of sink materials. Additionally, since Lucite Crosslinked Acrylic is much tougher than other sink materials, it will be less prone to scratching or cracking over time. 

Another great benefit of Lucite Crosslinked Acrylic sinks is that they are highly chemical resistant. This makes them ideal for use in laundry spaces where various cleaning solutions and detergents may come into contact with the sink. In addition to being highly durable, Lucite Crosslinked Acrylic is also nonporous, meaning it won’t retain odors or stains from soaps and detergents used in the laundry space. 

The Arno Lucite Crosslinked Acrylic utility sinks are popular due to their versatility. These sinks come in two different sizes – 42L and 64L – both of which offer plenty of room for washing clothes or any other kind of task requiring a sink in the laundry space. They also come in a variety of tap hole configurations to suit your tapware

Overall, if you’re looking for a reliable and durable sink option for your laundry space then look no further than Arno Lucite Crosslinked Acrylic! Its unbeatable strength and durability make it one of the best options available today with a 25 Year Product Warranty – plus its resistance to chemicals ensures that it will remain looking like new even after years of use!

White Laundry Sinks Large
Arno 64L Laundry Utility Sink One Tap Hole White
Arno 42L Utility Sink One Tap Hole
Arno 42L Laundry Utility Sink NTH White
Arno 64L Laundry Utility Sink NTH
Quartz White Laundry Sinks
White Laundry Sinks Quartz
White Laundry Sinks Quartz

Finally, another popular choice when it comes to white laundry sinks are White Quartz Sinks. These types of sinks provide both beauty and functionality due their hard wearing surface which resists staining caused by calcium deposits and hard water build up better than other materials such as Fireclay or Ceramic options do . Unfortunately quartz sinks are prone to damage from impact so extra caution should be taken when handling them as well as most quartz sinks don’t offer enough depth for some larger items such as large pots or pans either so keep this in mind before purchasing one if you need something deep enough for those larger items!  Technically quartz white sinks are designed for use in the kitchen area, not for the laundry space due to its size.

Overall, finding the right kind of new white laundry sink for your home can really help bring together your overall décor scheme while adding functionality at the same time! With all the different options available on today’s market (Fireclay, Ceramic White Sinks, Lucite Crosslinked Acrylic Sinks & White Quartz), you’ll certainly find one perfect for your needs! So remember: choose wisely & enjoy all the style & function that comes along with having a beautiful new white laundry sink!

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