What To Look For In A Laundry Tub and Cabinet When Making The Decision To Purchase.

Finding the right laundry tub and cabinet for your laundry needs can be a challenge to say the least. From capacity concerns to understanding the differences between material types, it can all be a bit overwhelming. But, with a few basic tips and advice, you’ll be well on your way to finding the perfect fit for your laundry situation.

Laundry Tub and Cabinet Litre Capacities - Which One Is Right For You

When it comes to buying a new laundry tub and cabinet combination for your home, you’ll want to start by looking at its capacity. This is important because if the unit is too large or small, it may not fit in the space that you have available. It’s best to measure the area where you plan to install it before purchasing a unit so that you make sure it will fit properly. Generally speaking, most laundry tubs and cabinets come in capacities of between 20L and 45L; however, depending on your specific situation, some brands may offer additional capacities outside of this range such as 70L or twin units.


The size of the space in which you plan to install the tub and cabinet must be taken into account when considering any new purchase. For large homes or apartments with plenty of space for large-capacity cabinets, a 45L bowl should suffice. However, those with limited space should look for smaller models with capacities ranging from 20L to 35L that have small footprints while still providing enough room to accommodate washing and drying without taking up too much precious real estate. Space is king in this new age of living, therefore small footprints such as the Vasca 20L Tub and Cabinet with a footprint of 300mm x 500mm is the perfect choice for small laundry rooms.

Laundry Tub and Cabinet - Material & Design

In addition to capacity considerations, another important factor when selecting a new laundry tub and cabinet set is what type of materials are used in its construction. Stainless steel combines durability with good looks but also tends to be more expensive than plastic bowl or composite alternatives. Plastic options are generally less expensive and do not rust but should  can easily discolor over time due to UV light exposure from windows or other areas of the house that get direct sunlight during the day. They can also stain from liquids that are used in the laundry bowl that are not designed specifically for laundry use.

The materials used in the construction of both the tub and cabinet will make a big difference in the longevity and effectiveness of its use over time. Galvanised Steel and stainless steel bowls are common choices for both laundry bowls and cabinets due to their durability and rust-proof properties. A galvanised metal cabinet with a minimum sheet thickness of 0.6mm should be used for manufacturing of the laundry cabinet.


Plastic handles on doors tend to discolour over time due to UV light so if possible it is best to look for cabinets with no plastic parts either on the door or elsewhere, this will make your laundry cabinet not outdated and tired. 

Additionally, stainless steel bowls with underbowl protective coatings help protect against chemical fumes that can cause rusting underneath laundry bowls which can affect their performance over time. 

Chemical fumes emanating from detergents used in washing machines and other cleaning products stored in or around the unit itself create the perfect environment for stainless steel to react with surface rust. The underbowl coating will act as an extra layer between possible corrosive agents and the metal surface of the interior bowl making sure that any rusting which might occur happens only very slowly over many years instead of within months or weeks as would happen without such protection in place. Castano’s Vasca 45L and 35L Laundry Tub and Cabinets come with underbowl protective coating as standard inclusion.

Another option for laundry cabinet and bowl is the preassembled cabinet manufactured from E1 HMR Board with painted gloss finish and laminate top such as the Brighton Laundry Cabinet and compact laminate benchtop with several option laundry bowls. This makes a great alternative to the traditional metal cabinets found in the market.

 Lastly, ensure that all designs incorporate smooth surfaces without ledges or crevices where dirt can accumulate making cleaning easier in the long run. 

protective coating sink
Lavello 30L With Tap Landing

Laundry Tub and Cabinet - Ease Of Installation

In some cases depending on your circumstances it might be necessary for professionals – such as plumbers -to install your new launder tub and cabinet properly ; this usually comes at an additional cost but ensures safe installation each time . On the other hand , some homeowners may prefer DIY installations where possible for greater convenience so look out for models that offer simple step-by-step instructions; these often come with all necessary hardware included! 

However, you will need a licensed plumber to install the laundry bowl waste and the laundry sink mixer.

All things said and done above; when selecting a combination of tub and cabinet for your laundry room needs take into account all above mentioned factors along with any personal preferences regarding visuals – as after all everyone wants their own piece of personal style even inside their washing area too! With all this information taken into consideration choosing just what fits best should become easier than ever before giving anyone peace of mind knowing they’ve made just right decision suited only towards their own unique individual requirements – whatever those might be. 

Another important element to consider for installation is the reversible cabinet door. Most cabinet doors are reversible, meaning that you can unscrew the door magnets that are located on the laundry cabinet and position them on the opposite side. Then removing the door rod and placing it on the opposite side and flipping the door. Ensure the laundry cabinet that you select has a floor panel that can be removed from the time of installation, drill the waste hole and pop rivet into place once completed. Some cabinets on the market have the floor panel already pop riveted into place, making it hard for the installer to connect the pipework to the drain that is protruding from the floor.

Overall , there are many different aspects to consider when looking for a new laundry tub and cabinet – from size , material , design , capacity , cost and ease of installation – each factor having its own unique set of implications . Taking into account personal preferences along with budgetary constraints will ensure you get exactly what you need while also getting value for money in return ! Take a look at Castano’s Vasca Laundry Tub and Cabinet range that offers real value for money and protection of your investment over the long term.

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