Laundry Units

At Castano, we offer a large range of quality Laundry Units to suit your desired look and your kitchen sink. 

Our Laundry Units are unique in the industry with no plastics found on the front door like our competitors. Using a fingerpull design metal door, the days of discolouring plastic door handles are a thing of the past.

Our Laundry Bowls come with a distinctive protective under bowl coating to reduce the risk of rusting caused by chemical fumes stored under the laundry bowl in most common laundries. (Vasca 45L and 35L Models)

View our range of Laundry Tub and Cabinets below

Vasca 45L Laundry Tub
Vasca 45L Laundry Tub and Cabinet
Vasca 35L Laundry Tub
Vasca 35L Laundry Tub and Cabinet
Vasca 20L Laundry Tub and Cabinet

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