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Sorriso 1670 Freestanding Bath White

Features and Benefits

  • Manufactured from 100% Lucite Crosslinked Acrylic Sheet
  • Slimline Technology
  • Adjustable Legs on Robust Frame included for easy installation
  • UV and Chemical Resistant
  • 25 Year Product Replacement Warranty
  • 40mm Waste Not Included
  • Gloss White



Sorriso Freestanding Bath

The Castano Sorriso Freestanding bath is a luxurious, long-lasting piece of bathroom furniture. With its unique sloped design and robust frame, it provides extra support for the back and head while also offering stylish contemporary good looks. Featuring adjustable feet for easy installation, it’s supported by a 25-year product replacement warranty for peace of mind. It’s perfect for creating an indulgent bathing experience, with enough space to stretch out and relax in comfort. It’s the ideal choice for anyone looking to add modern sophistication to their home.

The Largest Bath Warranty In Australia

High Resistance To UV Direct Sunlight

Lucite Crosslinked Acrylic Sheet is amazingly resistant to UV Light, even when exposed to intense direct sunlight. Its ability to resist yellowing is far superior to traditional non-crosslinked acrylic sheets, making it an ideal material for windows and bathroom surfaces in Australian regions where the sun’s rays are particularly strong. It is also highly durable and easy to clean, further increasing its appeal as a reliable and stylish choice for those seeking UV protection from the sun.

Not only does Lucite Crosslinked Acrylic offer superior protection from the sun’s harmful rays, but it also retains its glossy appearance without fading or discoloring over time, helping you maintain a vibrant aesthetic for years to come.

No Colour Fading Over 60 Degrees

Lucite Crosslinked Acrylic Sheet is a novel material that is highly resistant to fading and discolouration when exposed to hot water temperatures exceeding 60 degrees. By combining the robust construction of crosslinked acrylic with the specialised formulation of Lucite, this advanced sheeting maintains its glossy white exterior in even the most extreme conditions. This durable material can withstand frequent and sustained exposure to hot temperatures without compromising its appearance or structure, ensuring long-term maintenance of its glossy sheen and attractive aesthetic. Furthermore, Lucite Crosslinked Acrylic Sheet’s resistance to discolouration makes it an ideal choice for applications where heat stability and a pristine look are essential.

Only Lucite Crosslinked Acrylic Sheet For Freestanding Baths

Lucite Crosslinked Acrylic Sheet is extremely strong and durable, making it an ideal choice for freestanding baths. This material is highly resistant to cracking or breaking under pressure and will last for many years with minimal maintenance. It is also non-porous, meaning it does not absorb water or other liquids which can cause staining or other damage to the surface. Additionally, this material has excellent thermal properties that help keep your bath water warm even after long periods of use.

Some of our competitors try to use the term “Lucite” to describe the acrylic they use, unfortunately its not the real 100% Lucite Crosslinked Acrylic Sheet that we use, made specifically for Baths. Some of these acrylics are  low cost materials trying to reach a price point, use the Lucite brand trying to appeal to consumers believing they are of the same quality and charateristics.

Look for these four words “Lucite Crosslinked Acrylic Sheet” on any bath specification.

Strong Support, Easy Installation and Adjustment

Castano Freestanding Baths come with a strong galvanised support frame and adjustable legs, making them both incredibly stable and easy to install. This combination of features ensures the bath is level on any surface, while still providing impressive strength and durability. The galvanized frame also provides superior corrosion resistance for peace of mind, making it a reliable choice for busy bathrooms. Along with the adjustable legs which make installation simpler without compromising stability, Castano Freestanding Baths provide reliable strength and easy installation for years of reliable use.

Product Additional Information




100% Lucite Crosslinked Acrylic Sheet


1670mm x 790 x 660mm H


Gloss White


25 Year Product Replacement Warranty

Specification Sheet

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