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Lavello Utility Sink 45L With Overflow

Features and Benefits

  • Designed to suit Stone Benchtops
  • Undermount or Topmount Installation
  • Protective Underbowl Coating to reduce sound and surface rust from chemical fumes that come from stored cleaning products inside the cupboard.
  • Approved Watermarked Overflow Kit complies to WMTS-040, 12L/Min Flow Rate
  • 1.2mm Heavy Duty 304 Stainless Steel Hand Made Sink
  • R10 Internal Radius Corners for easy clean
  • Generous Depth of 250mm
  • 10 Year Product Replacement Warranty


protective coating sink

Underbowl Protective Coating

Protective underbowl coating is rapidly becoming a key component of any home renovation. Not only does protective coating help reduce attacks from harsh chemical fumes that naturally occur in sink cupboards, but it also helps to greatly reduce noise. With the protective layer acting as an insulator and a barrier between the bowl and the cabinet, any jarring sound is absorbed almost immediately, providing a great alternative to traditional soundproofing methods which generally cost significantly more. The protective coating provides added convenience, easy installation, and peace of mind for homeowners across the board. 

All standard across the Lavello range of utility sinks

Easy To Clean Corners

Lavello sinks feature radiused corners on the inner bowl radius of 10mm to make them much easier to maintain and clean than other sinks with zero or square radius internal corners. On other sink designs, food debris, water stains and soap scum quickly build up in the sharp radius areas at the base of the sink. The 10mm radius assists in keeping this build-up to a minimum while also offering an aesthetic appeal which creates harmony within kitchen designs.

Brushed Satin Finish

Lavello sinks are manufactured with a brushed satin stainless steel finish, designed to reduce the sign of wear and tear. This upmarket feel gives your sink a nice polished look, as it is more resistant when compared to other finishes such as mirror or silk finishes. The brushed satin stainless steel finish reduces any visible imperfections that come with everyday use, retaining its attractive appearance for years to come, either in the laundry or kitchen

Australian Standard Approved Overflow

Installing a Lavello Utility Sink with overflow can provide plumbers with complete peace of mind when it comes to Australian Standard Compliance. WMTS-040 Approved and watermarked, the overflow kit and waste means that the installation is compliant with all local standards. This removes any doubt for plumbers around drainage compliance and helps them deliver an expertly installed product for their customers.

Product Additional Information




304 Stainless Steel 1.2mm


550mm L x 450mm W x 250mm D

Litre Capacity



10 Year Product Replacement


Brushed Stainless

Specification Sheet

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