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At Castano, we offer a large range of Baths that will suit most Australian homes which provides the latest in design, function and the best quality acrylic baths on the market.

We offer a range of styles from Free Standing, Back To Wall, Corner and Inset Baths, all manufactured from 100% Lucite Cross-Linked Acrylic Sheet.

When selecting a bath for your next bathroom project or new home, you need consider the following points.

Is the bath comfortable to rest in as well as the right design?

Is the material manufactured from quality acrylic world wide known brand that will last more than 10 years?

Is the bath compliant to AS1172.5.2019?

Is the bath manufactured from Cross-Linked Acrylic Sheet?




Castano Baths are manufactured from 100% Lucite Cross Linked Acrylic Sheet, the most durable and resistant acrylic sheet available, which provides a High UV Resistance and High Chemical Resistance.

The story of Lucite Cross Linked Acrylic Sheet is that no other acrylic sheet is made the same way, due to the bond of cross linked technology that links one polymer chain to another creating a net structure within the acrylic sheet, providing a strong, durable acrylic sheet. When it comes to manufacturing baths, baths can be all sorts of shapes and sizes with tight radius internal corners. Lucite is owned by Mitsubishi Chemical based in Japan.

100% Lucite Cross Linked Acrylic Sheet can be thermoformed at one of the lowest temperatures, providing on average a thickness of 3mm of acrylic sheet through out the shape of the bath, ensuring no weak points during the manufacturing process.

Lucite Cross Linked Acrylic provides high resistance to hot water that is over 60 degrees which can  provide stable colour.

Ensure your next bath is constructed from 100% Lucite Cross Linked Technology, backed by Castano’s  Australian Wide 25 Year Warranty. Do it right the first time with Lucite Cross Linked Acrylic, the most well known acrylic for bath construction in the world. 

Anything else is a compromise

Cross-Linked Cast

All Castano Acrylic Baths are manufactured from Cross-Linked Continuous Cast Sheet. No other acrylic sheet can match the performance and durability of Cross-linked Acrylic Sheet 

  • Polymer Molecular Chain Structure – High Strength, High Durability
  • Low Thermoforming Temperature, Less Stress on the Sheet
  • UV Resistant
  • High Durability, Wear And Tear
  • Consistent Wall Thicknesses
  • Resistant to Hot Water Temperature Cycling

The Largest Bath Warranty In Australia

Matte Finish?

We understand that sometimes you are looking for that special look such as Matte finish to compliment other Matte colours within your bathroom. We have a range of Matte White and Matte Black Free Standing Baths that will compliment any Matte colour finishes. Our range of Matte Free Standing Baths are manufactured from 100% Cross-Linked Matte Acrylic sheet, making them very durable, UV Resistant and acid resistant. Our Matte Coloured Free Standing Baths are backed by a 10 Year Product Replacement Warranty

Check Out Our Range Of Mat Matt Matte  Baths

Positano 1400 Corner LH Freestanding Bath Matte White
Positano 1400 Corner RH Freestanding Bath Matte White
Positano 1400 Freestanding Bath Matte White
Positano 1600 Corner LH Freestanding Bath Matte White
Positano 1600 Corner RH Freestanding Bath Matte White
Positano 1600 Free Standing Matte White Bath
Positano 1800 Freestanding Bath Matte White
Positano 1660 Back To Wall Bath Matte White

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