Matte White Freestanding Bath Options In Australia

Choosing the right bath for your bathroom can be a daunting task, especially when it comes to material options. Matte white freestanding baths have become increasingly popular in Australia due to their sleek, minimalistic design and timeless appeal. There are several material options available, each with its own advantages and disadvantages, so it’s important to weigh up which one is right for you.

Solid Surface or Artificial Stone Matte White Freestanding Baths

These luxurious baths are made from a durable composite material consisting of stone-like particles bound together with resin and pigments. As well as being strong and durable, they also feature a matte white finish and thin edge designs, making them an ideal choice for any modern bathroom. However, they can be quite heavy and difficult to transport and install. They are also harder to keep clean than other materials due to their appearance and material. 


Solid Surface Matte White Freestanding Baths can be difficult to install into a home or unit due to the weight factor. Some Solid Surface Matte White Freestanding baths can weigh over 200KG, making it a nightmare for installation and freight. When it comes to comfort, Solid Surface Matte White Freestanding Baths are at a disadvantage compared to other materials such as Crosslinked Matte White Freestanding Baths. When you are selecting a Matte White Freestanding bath, you need to consider the comfort when sitting in the bath, not just a feature item in your home.

Non Crosslinked PMMA Matte White Acrylic Freestanding Baths

These baths offer the benefits of lower cost than solid surface baths without sacrificing too much comfort or aesthetics. They may be painted inside and outside with matte white paint in order to reduce costs rather than using matte white acrylic sheet. This means that the paint can wear off over time with use or chemical and UV exposure, so care should be taken when buying this type of material. However, non crosslinked acrylic baths are generally lighter than solid surface baths and easier to transport and install. Customers should ask before purchasing, is the bath been painted inside, as it is a risk to the consumer in the long term. The matte white paint can wear over time leaving patches of acrylic which will be a different colour.

Generally any matte white freestanding bath made from acrylic would be painted on the outside due to the manufacturing process of the two sheets joining at the top, therefore paint is used to hide the join, common practise in manufacturing of acrylic freestanding baths

Crosslinked Matte White Freestanding Baths

Crosslinked acrylic is made from polymers that contain links between different molecular chains which give the material greater strength with fewer chemicals used during production making them more environmentally friendly. They feature high resistance to UV radiation and chemicals which makes them exceptionally durable over long periods of time – perfect if your bath will be exposed to prolonged use or harsh cleaning products. When it comes to chemical resistance, Crosslinked Matte Acrylic Sheet outpeforms Non Crosslinked PMMA Acrylic Sheet. Crosslinked Matte White Acrylic freestanding baths have lightweight properties make them easier to handle during installation as well as providing comfortable back rests due to thin edge designs being possible while still maintaining structural integrity – all of which adds up to make crosslinked matte white freestanding baths the most popular choice in Australia today for long term life span!

When selecting a material for your freestanding bath, its up to the consumer on what is most benefit to them. Is it just look and not function or comfort, or just looking to by a matte white bath at the lowest price possible but dont care too much about the paint peeling off inside the bath after a few years of use or wanting long term satisfaction with design, style, comfort and quality of long term use of their freestanding bath.  Before purchasing, understanding the advantages and disadvantages associated with each type should help you make an informed decision about which one is best for you! Ultimately though, whichever option you choose you’ll end up with a beautiful matte white bath that will look stunning in your bathroom!

Crosslinked Acrylic Vs Non Crosslinked PMMA Acrylic Chemical Resistance Test

A test was conducted using two samples of acrylic sheet. One sample was Crosslinked Acrylic Sheet, the other Non Crosslinked PMMA Acrylic Sheet.

The samples were submerged in a liquid solvent for a 24 Hour Period. The image below shows how both samples lost its original shape, however the Non Crosslinked PMMA Acrylic sample totally dissolved with no structural integrity and collapsed due to the solvent.

Avoid Freestanding Bath That Are Painted Inside

It’s important to be mindful when shopping for a matte white bath. Many unscrupulous retailers will try to pass off a bath that is painted inside with matte white paint over existing gloss white paint, but it won’t stand up to normal wear and tear as the paint is likely to peel and flake away. To ensure quality and long-term satisfaction, always ask questions about how the bath was made before purchasing. Look for baths constructed from high-grade materials, such matte white crosslinked acrylic sheet rather than a layer of paint. This will guarantee a beautiful matte finish that will last for years to come.

Castano Crosslinked Matte White Acrylic Freestanding Baths

At Castano, we use quality premium grade raw materials to produce our freestanding baths. All our Matte White Freestanding baths are manufactured using 100% Matte White Crosslinked Acrylic Sheet. All freestanding baths are painted externally using matte white paint over the existing matte white sheet to completly eliminate the join of the two pieces of acrylic. For inside the bath, Castano does not paint inside the bath using Matte White paint. We use 100% Crosslinked Matte White Sheet in its original form for inside the bath.

Castano recommends not to purchase Matte White Freestanding Baths that have been painted internally as it will not last and cause problems in the long term.

Positano 1660 Back To Wall Bath Matte White
Positano 1400 Corner LH Freestanding Bath Matte White
Positano 1400 Corner RH Freestanding Bath Matte White
Positano 1660 Back To Wall Free Standing Matte White Bath
Positano 1600 Corner RH Freestanding Bath Matte White
Positano 1600 Corner LH Freestanding Bath Matte White
Positano 1400 Freestanding Bath Matte White
Positano 1800 Freestanding Bath Matte White
Positano 1600 Free Standing Matte White Bath

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