Freestanding and Inset Baths

At Castano, we offer a large range of Baths that will suit most Australian homes which provides the latest in design, function and the best quality acrylic baths on the market.

We offer a range of styles from Free Standing, Back To Wall, Corner and Inset Baths, all manufactured from 100% Lucite Cross-Linked Acrylic Sheet.

When selecting a bath for your next bathroom project or new home, you need consider the following points.

Is the bath comfortable to rest in as well as the right design?

Is the material manufactured from quality acrylic world wide known brand that will last more than 10 years?

Is the bath compliant to AS1172.5.2019?

Is the bath manufactured from Cross-Linked Acrylic Sheet?

Will the acrylic change colour from Hot Water Temperature Cycling over 60 Degrees over the life of the product?

Does the acrylic structure allow for easy repair from wear and tear during its life span?

Castano Lucite Cross-Linked Acrylic Sheet baths come with a 25 Year Product Replacement Warranty.  The Largest in the industry.




Castano Baths are manufactured from 100% Lucite Cross Linked Acrylic Sheet, the most durable and resistant acrylic sheet available which provides a High UV Resistance and High Chemical Resistance.

The story of Lucite Cross Linked Acrylic Sheet is that no other acrylic sheet is made the same way, due to the bond of cross linked technology that links one polymer chain to another creating a net structure within the acrylic sheet, providing a strong, durable acrylic sheet. When it comes to manufacturing baths, baths can be all sorts of shapes and sizes with tight radius internal corners. In general tight radius bends in baths can be a weak point if wall thicknesses are not consistent due to the acrylic materials being used in the production of the bath.

100% Lucite Cross Linked Acrylic Sheet can be thermoformed at one of the lowest temperatures, providing on average a thickness of 3mm of acrylic sheet through out the shape of the bath with tight radius, ensuring no weak points during the manufacturing process. Lucite Cross-Linked Acrylic Sheet is generally thicker than most other acrylics used in the production of baths. Lucite  is owned by Lucite International Ltd controlled by Mitsubishi Chemical LTD based in Japan.

Lucite Cross Linked Acrylic provides high resistance to hot water that is over 60 degrees which can  provide stable colour over the life of the product. Cross-Linked Acrylic Sheet used on baths is a requirement to meet EU standards such as CSN EN 263 Sanitary Products.

Ensure your next bath is constructed from 100% Lucite Cross Linked Technology, backed by Castano’s  Australian Wide 25 Year Warranty. Do it right the first time with Lucite Cross Linked Acrylic Sheet.


Anything Else Is A Compromise

Buyers Aware


There are some online stores selling low cost freestanding baths claiming to be manufactured from Lucite Acrylic Sheet. Buyers be aware that some manufacturers and retailers are using Lucite’s trademark to market their baths without approval and are not manufactured from 100% Lucite Crosslinked Acrylic Sheet, manufactured by Lucite International Ltd. 

They do not provide the same performance as 100% Lucite Crosslinked Acrylic Sheet when it comes to normal wear and tear. 

Buy the real item. Ensure it is 100% Lucite Crosslinked Acrylic Sheet.

Cross-Linked ContinUous Cast

All Castano Acrylic Baths are manufactured from Cross-Linked Acrylic Sheet. No other acrylic sheet can match the performance and durability of Lucite Cross-linked Acrylic Sheet.

  • Polymer Molecular Chain Structure – High Strength, High Durability, Unmatched.
  • Low Thermoforming Temperature, Less Stress on the Sheet, Tight Radius.
  • High UV Resistant, High Chemical Resistance.
  • High Durability, Wear And Tear
  • Consistent Wall Thicknesses through out the bath even on tight radius, reduces weak points in the structure.
  • Resistant to Hot Water Temperature Cycling above 60 Degrees, less chance of colour fading compared to other acrylic sheets.

The Largest Bath Warranty In Australia

Ergonomic Back Rests

Not all baths provide that relaxing feeling. Where you see this symbol, the bath has been designed to incorporate ergonomic back rests inside the bath to provide maximum comfort. Before you purchase any bath, you should experience our baths. We hear stories of customers selecting a bath due to the design or price but never use it due to not being comfortable.

Our goal is to be the supplier of the most comfortable baths in Australia.

Matte Finish?

We understand that sometimes you are looking for that special look such as Matte finish to compliment other Matte colours within your bathroom. We have a range of Matte White and Matte Black Free Standing Baths that will compliment any Matte colour finishes. Our range of Matte Free Standing Baths are manufactured from 100% Cross-Linked Matte Acrylic sheet, making them very durable, UV Resistant and acid resistant. Our Matte Coloured Free Standing Baths are backed by a 10 Year Product Replacement Warranty

Check Out Our Range Of Mat Matt Matte  Baths

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Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

Is Lucite Crosslinked Acrylic Good For Bath purposes?

Lucite Crosslinked Acrylic Sheet provides a better performance in wear and tear for bath products compared to generic acrylics. European Standards must use Crosslinked Acrylic Sheet in baths.

What does Crosslinked mean in terms of acrylic sheet?

Crosslinked Acrylic means the way the structure of the polymer molecules are formed in the sheet, linking each polymer together to create a bond like a mesh net, making it very durable and highly resistant to chemicals.

How durable is Lucite Crosslinked Acrylic Sheet?

Due to the nature of the material, the way it is manufactured, Lucite Crosslinked Acrylic is to be found more durable in relation to chemical resistance, scratch resistance and low effects of colour fading from hot water cycling over 60 degrees compared generic chinese manufactured acrylics.

Do the Freestanding Baths come with any support?

Each  Castano Freestanding Baths comes with stainless steel base support and adjustable feet for easy installation. This provides a robust support to the base of the bath once installed.

Will the bath turn yellow after prelonged exposure to UV Light within the bathroom?

Lucite Crosslinked Acrylic Sheet has a high resistance to UV Light and discolouration due to UV.  We offer a 25 Year Product Replacement Warranty. Baths manufactured from generic acrylic sheet only offer no more than 10 years or less when it comes to warranty. 

What is Ergonomic Back Rests Mean?

 The Ergonomic back rest is the term used to desribe the additional support built into the bath to provide an improvement in comfort and relaxation. The inner wall has a designed curvature to support the lower part of the back once lying in the bath to give you the best possible posture and comfort from any freestanding bath.

Can Lucite Crosslinked Acrylic Baths be repaired if damaged?

Due to the construction of the bath manufactured from Lucite Crosslinked Acrylic, it is the easiest type of acrylic to repair and maintain its original gloss. Scratches can be removed with wet and dry sand paper then buffed with acrylic or car polish.

What warranty comes with Castano Baths?

Castano Lucite Crosslinked Acrylic Baths come with a 25 Year Product Replacement Warranty against manufacturing defects. 

Our Matte Baths come with a 10 Year Product Replacement Warranty against manufacturing defects.

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