Hand Manufactured, 1.5MM THICKNESS, Premium Finish

Calabria Sinks

Calabria Sink Features & Benefits

Our Calabria Sinks are hand manufactured, manufactured from heavy duty 1.5mm thick 304 Stainless Steel with a premium finish completing any dream kitchen with style and function. Here are a few of the features and benefits of the Calabria Sinks. Hand Produced, Not Machine Pressed

Our Calabria Sinks are 20% Thicker than most of our competitors, providing you with a heavy duty 304 stainless steel sink. Strong and robust for all kitchen activities.

All our Calabria Sinks can be installed either Top Mount or Undermount to suit your required installation method by using our side wall clip system. Easy Installation.

All Calabria Sinks are hand made not pressed, with each sink carefully crafted to ensure it is straight along the edge and drains when emptied. Calabria sinks come in brushed finish making them easier to repair from long term wear and tear

All Calabria Sinks come with sound dampening pads and anti condensation coating to reduce overall sound and reduce condensation underneath the sink and retain heat inside the sink.

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Below is our most common questions in relation to Castano Calabria Handmade Sinks

Calabria Sinks are manufactured from heavy duty 1.5mm thick stainless steel. Most hand made sinks on the market are manufactured from either 1.0mm or 1.2mm. In most cases Calabria sinks are 20% thicker than the competition

All Calabria sinks can be installed as top mounted or undermounted. Each Calabria sink comes with side wall clips that makes it easy for top mount installation

The special coating that is found on the underside of the Calabria bowls provides two functions. Firstly it reduces the noise found in stainless steel bowls during use. Secondly it reduces condensation on the surface of the bowl found inside the cupboard when the bowl is in use.

Castano offers a 25 Year Product Replacement Warranty against manufacturing defects. Normal wear and tear such as scratches and marks from use are not covered under this warranty.

Australian Standards for Kitchen sinks state that the sink must be manufactured from a minimum 0.7mm thickness. In relation the the waste of the sinks, Australian Standard WTMS-040 is the standard for all wastes which is requirement in Australia. The Calabria Sink comes with a WMTS-040 Approved Waste for peace of mind.

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