Inwall Cisterns

Inwall Cisterns are an ideal solution for bathrooms where there is limited space. They are installed behind the finished wall in order to save floor space and reduce clutter, freeing up more open area within the bathroom. Inwall cisterns require a minimum of 80mm wall cavity, meaning they take up very little physical space. The cisterns come with a range of different flush buttons, from ABS plastic to 304 stainless steel, so they can be customised to your preference.

The installation process for these cisterns is quick and easy, making them suitable for DIY installation or professional installation by a qualified plumber. All necessary components are included in most models, such as the flush valve, button assembly, overflow pipe and mounting bracket. By having everything within one unit it makes the process much easier and saves time during installation. Once installed you will have an aesthetically pleasing toilet setup that looks great and blends into the walls making it almost invisible when not in use.

Inwall cisterns also have many advantages compared to traditional toilets. They are less bulky than a standard toilet meaning you have more room to move around in your bathroom as well as preventing accidents due to their low profile design. The compact size also puts less strain on the flooring as there is less weight pressing down on it which increases its durability over time. The cisterns are also easy to clean and maintain due to their simple design which helps keep them looking like new for years to come.

Overall Inwall Cisterns provide great solutions for bathrooms with limited space or when people want a modern look but don’t want clutter in their bathroom décor. With reliable performance and easy maintenance, these units offer great value for money over traditional toilets and can greatly improve the overall look of your bathroom without taking up too much room or costing too much money out of pocket!

Castano Comodo Inwall Cistern and Buttons

Comodo Inwall Cistern Buttons Chrome
Comodo Inwall Cistern Buttons Matte Black
Comodo Inwall Cistern Button Brushed Stainless Steel
Comodo Inwall Cistern
Geberit Sigma 20 Round Chrome Button

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