How To Select The Right Kitchen Sink for NDIS Homes

Shallow kitchen sinks are an important aspect of many NDIS approved homes. As such, they must meet the requirements of the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) in terms of safety, accessibility and functionality. In this article we will explore the key features of shallow kitchen sinks that make them suitable for NDIS housing, and also provide some advice on how to select a sink that meets these standards.

NDIS Homes - Shallow Kitchen Sinks

Shallow kitchen sinks that are often used to comply with AS1428.1  have a maximum depth of 150mm, which is generally sufficient for domestic applications in NDIS housing that require full accessiblity needs. These types of sinks are ideal for those with limited mobility or those in wheelchairs because it eliminates the need for reaching down into deeper basins. The smaller size also makes it easier to clean and maintain, as there is less surface area to clean. 

Under the NDIS framework, the design requirement for kitchens are

An accessible benchtop shall
be provided with features as
noted below:

This accessible benchtop shall provide a minimumspace of 900mm (width) x 440mm (depth) clear of any
fixtures other than what is permitted under knee / toe requirements of AS1428.1 under the benchtop.


One height-adjustable benchtop surface, of 600mm depth, shall be provided with features as noted below:

Height adjustmentcapability from 720mm clear space underneath height adjustable benchtop till 1020mm
clear space underneath height adjustablebenchtop (from FFL).


 In terms of style and design, shallow kitchen sinks come in a variety of shapes, sizes and materials. Popular options include stainless steel or composite materials such as granite or quartz. The type of material you choose should be suited to your budget as well as your individual needs – stainless steel is often more affordable than granite or quartz but may not last as long as these more expensive materials without regular maintenance. It’s important to note that some materials can require additional sealant to keep water from seeping through their porous surfaces.  However it is hard to find a quartz sink that is only 150mm total depth

NDIS Homes - Shallow Kitchen Sink Options

DIVA 1080 Kitchen Sinks - 150mm Depth NDIS

Castano’s DIVA 1080’s shallow sinks are a great choice for NDIS housing due to their space-saving design and robust construction. The total depth of the sink is only 150mm, making it perfect for installations with limited space. Plus, the single piece stainless steel construction is incredibly durable and long lasting, so you can be sure your investment will last for years to come. The DIVA Kitchen Sinks has become popular to NDIS home builders due to its cost and ease of installation.

The generous drainer board made from 304 stainless steel helps to make the most of the available workspace around your sink, allowing you to easily prep and clean up after meals without having to worry about running out of room. And, with an easy-to-clean glossy finish that won’t chip or discolour over time, DIVA 1080 sinks look as good as new for longer.

What’s more, thanks to their low profile design and slimline shape, these elegant sinks can be installed in almost any kind of kitchen cabinet – even those with shallow countertops, stone or laminate. This makes them ideal for kitchens in NDIS housing where there may be other accessibility challenges that need to be considered when choosing a sink.

In addition, because all DIVA 1080 sinks come with a 10 year warranty, you can rest assured that your investment will remain protected from any potential manufacturing defects or deterioration over time. So if you’re looking for a reliable and stylish sink solution for your NDIS property, the DIVA 1080 range has everything you need!

Lirio Care Sink Range - 145mm Depth NDIS

Castano’s Lirio Care Sinks and Drainer shallow sinks are perfect for NDIS housing, providing a safe and accessible option for individuals with impaired mobility or disability. These sinks are hand-made from 1.2mm thick 304 stainless steel, ensuring the highest quality and durability. They have a generous 145mm total depth, allowing for enough space to comfortably wash up dishes or use the sink for other activities. The included drainer board is designed to collect water and prevent it from spilling onto the floor, making it ideal for those who may struggle with mobility issues.

What sets Lirio Care Sinks apart is their inclusion of under bowl heat pads, which provide additional protection from any potential heat exposure during use. This feature adds an extra layer of safety and comfort to users who may be more vulnerable to extreme temperatures or burns. With this addition, Lirio Care Sinks are compliant with AS1428.2 Design for Access and Mobility Part 2 standards – giving you peace of mind that your NDIS housing will meet all necessary requirements when it comes to sink design and functionality.

Thanks to their impressive specifications and stylish design, Lirio Care Sinks are a great choice for anyone looking to upgrade their NDIS housing with something of superior quality and accessibility. Furthermore, they can be installed easily without any additional modifications – making them suitable even in tight spaces like bathrooms or kitchenettes where space is limited yet still important factors must be taken into consideration when selecting a sink solution. In summary, these sinks offer a reliable way to ensure safety while still maintaining an attractive aesthetic in your NDIS home environment.

NDIS Homes - Safety Considerations

When selecting a shallow kitchen sink for NDIS housing, it’s important to consider safety first and foremost. This means ensuring that the design allows for easy access and use by those with limited mobility or using a wheelchair – look out for high sides or rails which could make accessing the sink difficult. Additionally, check that all edges are rounded off so they don’t cause potential injuries if hit accidentally while moving around the room. 


In terms of functionality, consider factors such as sink size and shape – wide basins are better suited to washing large pots and pans while small round bowls are handy for food preparation tasks or rinsing dishes easily. It’s also worth checking whether accessories like tap hole covers or inset plugs come included with the sink; these can help reduce water wastage when running taps at low pressure levels due often experienced in NDIS approved homes due to low water pressure levels from tank-fed systems   . 

NDIS Homes - Maintenance Considerations

.On top of choosing a suitable material according to your individual needs and budget constraints, it’s important to factor in how much maintenance you want to take on when selecting a shallow kitchen sink for an NDIS home. Stainless steel is often seen as lowest maintenance option due its non-porous construction; however regular cleaning is still required here too – especially near areas prone to build up such grease marks around taps etc.. Composite materials like granite or quartz do require higher levels of regular maintenance but this usually results in fewer streaks/marks over time compared with stainless steel options if appropriate cleaning products are used regularly. Additionally adding sealants over time can help keep water from seeping through porous surfaces over time so it’s worth considering this extra cost too when making your decision about which material is best for you based on these trade-offs between appearance/longevity versus maintenance effort/costs .

When purchasing a shallow kitchen sink for an NDIS approved home it’s important to remember factors such as safety considerations related to accessibility; functionality considerations related both size/shape plus added accessories; plus maintenance considerations related both cost/effort required versus appearance/longevity achieved by different materials available in the marketplace today . With careful consideration given to all these aspects, you should be able find a suitable product that meets all your individual needs so you get value out of your investment over time .

Check with your local NDIS Accessor on which kitchen sink is right for your next NDIS project

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